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OF Tape Vol. 2 Review:

The leaked tape has been circulating the internet for about a week before its official release on March 20th (US), but I think its appropriate to write this today.

After getting my hands on an early xmas present and giving it a listen I’ll have to say that the motley LA rap collective that exploded in 2011 gave birth to a solid debut album which features all the members including Earl Sweatshirt, in spite of rumors that he was out of the crew.

Morbid imagery, sadistic verses and cussing feel a lot weaker or maybe time is playing its part, but its definitely not as shocking as the 2008’s Tape. The biggest disappointment was Hodgy’s part, because of him baling out of content due to his own album which was released a few weeks back. However, don’t be repelled, it’s still like dipping into a horror dream of a delusional teenager with family issues, while smoking a jeffery and sipping on death drink. Oh, and the music is mind blowing as usual.

Recommended tracks : Oldie, White, Analog 2, Ya Know, Rella